Stark industries services compressors made by many different manufacturers, with different applications.

  • SCUBA tank filling
  • SCBA Air refilling stations
  • Emergency fill stations
  • Seismic gun high pressure supply compressors
  • High pressure gas mixture compressors

The successful operation of all equipment depends on good service, training, and parts supply. Stark Industries offers a comprehensive service and training program to give the on-site operators optimum proficiency in compressor system maintenance. Our technicians service equipment throughout the world.

Vibration problems?

The number one killer of compressor systems besides bad maintenance practices is vibration. Stark has isolated and fixed countless dynamic vibration and balancing problems with engines and compressor blocks. Increase the time between failure with a vibration analysis and balance by Stark Industries.

We have been manufacturing and servicing high pressure compressors since 1969. Over that period of time, we have acquired a knowledge base of optimum operating procedures and practical service tips that will help keep your compressor running problem free, for decades.

For example:

Did you know that using the wrong oil in your compressor can lead to premature failure? Did you know that starting a compressor that has been sitting idle for an extended period without proper preparation can decrease the service life of your compressor?

Did you know that if your compressor doesn't have enough ventilation, it will lead to improper cooling and can reduce its life expectancy?

Answers to all of these questions and more are available to our customers in our publication "Compressors for Dummies". This comprehensive manual reveals the industry secrets to keeping your compressor running in top condition for many years. The guide is also valuable for sizing and selecting your compressor type and configuration. This guide is updated regularly and is available to Stark compressor owners.

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