Stark Industries specializes in service and repair of high pressure gas and air compressors but the term "repair" does not begin to describe what Stark can do to re-manufacture a compressor.



Turn your old compressor into a Stark-Remanufactured compressor. Our remanufacturing process will make your compressor better than new.

  • Re-orient configuration
  • Solve Balance/Vibration problems
  • Conversion from electric to gas/diesel
  • Conversion from gas/diesel to electric
  • Serviceability improvements
  • Use of superior parts
  • On site service
  • Specialists in direct drive.


Buying New vs. Remanufacturing


The obvious answer would be that the re-manufactured compressor would save you money over the purchase of a new unit. The not so obvious but even better answer is that a Stark remanufactured unit not only costs less than new but is better than new. Stark comprssors are fitted with innovative combinations of parts and configurations that make them more reliable and easier to service than other compressors.

Consider these benefits when deciding between buying new vs remanufacturing

  • Remanufacturing your existing compressor (or purchasing a remanufactured compressor) will save you money
  • A Stark Compressor will last longer with superior parts
  • Stark compressors place serviceable parts in easy to access locations. Easier maintenance increases the chances that proper service will be done.